Take Up Space In the Conversation. Then, Change the Narrative.

You are doing work that will shift our culture. It’s innovative and it’s inclusive. Your brand communications approach should be no different.

We offer inventive and effective communications and media services to help you build a global community of believers that are invested in your brand and spark a movement that breaks the rules.

For us, this is about more than media placements. We are here to be your champions of change.

We Know What It Takes, and That’s Exactly What We Deliver.

Sustainable brand stories strong enough to spark a movement

When The Coca-Cola Company wanted to bring attention to its mission-based, sustainable, and healthier new beverage, Honest Tea, they considered ways to refresh an old marketing campaign. We worked side-by-side with their Director of Marketing to develop a new iteration of the National Honesty Index campaign. Rebranded as “The #RefreshinglyHonest Campaign,” we cultivated a nationwide movement to get people to be radically honest about the little things that connect us. The result? A band of influencers, top-tier media (TODAY Show!), and local citizens all over the country began opening up to one another and connecting over their commonly held, but rarely shared truths. We connect brands to cultural conversations.  See more. 

Strategies that catapult those chaotic moments of magic into iconic moments in history

In 2018, Vote.org was a small but mighty nonprofit. Still, not enough people were talking about (and funding) the brand’s brilliant get-out-the-vote technology and strategy. And the team was frustrated at how young voter engagement was routinely left out of the election narrative. That is until the iconic pop star Taylor Swift posted an earth-shatteringly influential message — on a whim — directing her fans to register at Vote.org. The delightfully chaotic influx of voter registrations could have fizzled off, but as the leader of Vote.org’s communication strategy, we deployed a media strategy within 24 hours that elevated the moment from a “nice endorsement” to a cultural gamechanger. In the following 2 weeks, 300+ media outlets and 100+ A-list celebrities directed their audiences to Vote.org as the catalyst for a voting revolution. That year our country celebrated the largest midterm turnout in 100 years. We have ready-to-go gameplans that help small organizations create record-breaking results. See more.

Media moments that show your people that you care

As a new beauty tech platform hoping to reach travelers during a busy holiday season, the GLAMSQUAD marketing team knew it was time to make a powerful connection with their target audience. So, as travelers landed in Dulles Airport for their international layovers, we positioned the brand to anticipate their needs with a delightfully disruptive pop-up in the middle of the terminal. As travelers arrived in the terminal, they were treated to free makeovers and massages to help them feel relaxed and refreshed when they arrived at their destination. The random act of kindness captivated their previously unaware target audience instantly giving them a rare and fond connection to the beauty tech platform. We create opportunities to build quality relationships with your audience.  See more.

Executive content that takes you from the ‘new kid’ in the industry to the ‘one to watch’

After an appearance on Shark Tank and a somewhat disappointing outcome, the inspiring brothers behind the Super Coffee brand went on to have one of their most successful years in business. Yet, in a crowded marketplace full of emerging ready-to-drink, healthier-for-you beverages (not to mention… coffee!) the brothers knew they had to change the narrative from one that painted them as the “new kids” with little beverage experience and a Shark Tank stint. We worked together with them to amplify their brand ethos of “Positive Energy” and reintroduce them to the world as inspirational and knowledgable entrepreneurs that some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest investors had gotten behind. By launching their branded podcast, we were able to develop a community that relied on their thought-leadership and entrepreneurial outlook. We are intent on making the world aware of just how much the innovators and underdogs have to offer.  See more.

Adversity consulting that builds brand advocates and dispels detractors

When the legendary DJ Spinderella  – who pioneered the craft and spent 30 years building a culture and fanbase – planned to announce a major brand repositioning. While the transition was a strategic business decision, it required loyal fans to be on board – and not antagonistic – of her decision. Navigating a fickle Internet culture we provided high-touch consulting that tipped the scales, forged a groundswell of fan support and led to dozens of headlines, appearances, and new deals in celebration of her brand’s transition. When speaking about our guidance, Spinderella said “Kamari has been a complete light within my career. Her ability to foresee, troubleshoot and put out potential fires gracefully is exactly why she is the Olivia Pope of PR!” We will graciously let her words speak for us. See more.

Campaigns that create a lasting connection between your brand and our culture

WeddingWire was a new technology platform positioned to compete with a household name brand. We knew that in order to win the market share, they needed to capture the culture. Since weddings and engagements had centuries-old, steadfast cultural traditions, we spared the brand the old-school campaign approach of building a cultural moment and trying to convince people to buy into it. Instead, we leveraged the insight that images of engagement rings with the caption “just said yes,” was the apex of “engaged couple culture.” Hell, it was downright global culture to post that obligatory photo/caption combination to announce your upcoming nuptials. So, we built the… you guessed it… #JustSaidYes campaign, signing-on nostalgic Millennial influencers to ensure every time a couple posted it would, by default, connect back to the brand ethos. We get to know your audience and make accessible cultural campaigns that help them, well… fall in love.  See more.

Brand reimagining and relaunching that captures new, young audiences

Sebastian and Clairol Professional are already iconic brands in their own right. So when they were looking to refresh their legacy products and reach Millennial audiences, we knew it would require a close partnership with their product development teams and brand managers. Over the course of a year, we launched partnerships with rising stars in fashion and beauty turning them into long-term brand ambassadors. In an unprecedented influencer agreement, Christian Siriano not only endorsed Sebastian’s Shaper hairspray but committed to redesigning the packaging and feature the brand in his upcoming Fashion Week shows – a tradition that lasted for years. Kiyah Wright ushered Clairol Professional into the urban market, touting it at heavyweight industry events we positioned her at such as Bronner Brother’s, the Emmys, and the BET Awards. We transition brands into new chapters while honoring their legendary and revolutionary empires. See more.

Producing the behind-the-scenes connections that strengthen relationships and cultivate long-term partnerships

After developing a close personal and professional alliance with the former President and First Lady of the United States, our client wanted to offer them an unforgettable gift — a summer celebration for their daughters that would take place at a stop on her iconic world tour. Given the transient nature of the tour, our team had 24-hours to prepare a concert pre-party with all the bells and whistles. With our exclusive network of vendor partners, we produced an experience that exhibited every degree of love, respect, and honor our client had for her guests. It was a moment truly fit for The Queens. We intimately understand how to facilitate conditions that deepen our clients’ connections to their VIP supporters. See more.

COVID19 & 2020 Election Campaign Planning

2020 took a turn that no one anticipated when society’s collective focus shifted to a sweeping pandemic.

The unexpected global crisis and ongoing 2020 election cycle have created a unique opportunity for brands like yours to have an outsized impact.

Now is the time to make a name for your brand as a champion for positive social change.

We have proudly partnered with UPCAUSE PR to help you solidify your brand legacy as the one that led the masses, did the right thing, and shifted our society.

By the end of it all, you’ll emerge with an iconic brand and a devoted base of fans, followers, activists, and customers.

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